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Dental Implant Locations

Cameron Park
   Forrest Boozer DDS

El Dorado Hills
   Pieter Linssen DDS

Elk Grove
   Darrell Chun DDS

   Keith Wood DDS

Granite Bay
   Pieter Linssen DDS

   Eric Steinbrecher DDS

   Mark F. Olson DDS

   Matt Comfort DDS

   Fred Correa DDS

   David Berg DDS



We are a collection of dental professionals dedicated to providing our patients with the very best that modern dentistry has to offer. Individually, our team of doctors has many successful years in private practice giving patients confident new smiles with comprehensive care. Together, we have created a forum for the expertise of each individual doctor to be shared for the benefit of our patient's oral health. We encourage you to look around, educate yourself, and find out what implant dentistry has to offer. We live in a truly exciting time when we can offer patients an ideal replacement for a missing tooth which can last a lifetime.

With the addition of implant dentistry, our doctors found that they could provide a better option for patients with missing teeth or loose dentures. No more grinding on teeth unnecessarily, no more wiggly dentures, in some cases no more dentures at all!

The Sacramento Implant Institute has nine regions to choose from for your convenience.

Select the best location from the map:

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